My Review of “Tin Man” by Sarah Winman

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My Review of “Tin Man” by Sarah Winman.     @Putnam Books#Partner May 2018

“Tin Man” by Sarah Winman  is beautifully written with vivid colorful descriptions of flowers, and landscape. At the same time it is a heartbreaking and emotional story about loneliness, friendship, and memories. The author expresses the feelings of love and loss through art, poetry and literature.

The Author compares and contrasts the differences of kindness and being mean, of acceptance and denial, and loss and living. The Author describes her characters as complex and complicated as depicted by the events and times.

Ellis and Michael become the best of friends when they are twelve. Both boys have been brought up in dysfunctional families. Ellis’s Mom was described as a compassionate and caring woman.  The boys ride their bicycles and explore what life has to offer.  Ellis marries Annie, and for a while the three of them are always together. Then Michael disappears.

What has happened to Michael? Why is Ellis so alone? This is thought provoking and sad story. I would recommend this for those readers that enjoy a descriptive and well written  story. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.



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