My Review of “How Hard Can it Be?” by Allison Pearson


IMG_3739My Review of “How Hard Can it Be?” by Allison Pearson St. Martin’s Press June 5, 2018

“How Hard Can it Be” by Allison Pearson is the book that follows the bestselling book by Allison Pearson  “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. This can be read as a stand alone. The genres for this book are Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. This novel also has some humorous parts, and some parts where you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

The colorful cast of characters are complex and complicated. In this sequel, it is seven years later and Kate Reddy is now a “Returner”. Kate is approaching fifty, and has to re-enter the job market. She is in the sandwich generation, with teenage children, and parents that are needy. Kate’s husband is going through some kind of mid-live crisis, after losing his job, and trying to find himself.

Kudos to Allison Pearson for discussing such contemporary subjects as abuse of the media for teenagers,  Alzheimers, menopause and other related female issues, being part of the sandwich generation, peer pressure and cutting,  mid-life crisis, inequality in the workplace between men and women, and problems with youth and aging.

The author mentions the importance of self- worth, growth, family support, love and hope, forgiveness and acceptance. I would highly recommend this intriguing and captivating novel for readers of Women’s Fiction.  I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

2 comments on “My Review of “How Hard Can it Be?” by Allison Pearson”

  1. I’m so glad that you read it so that I can talk about it! It has many funny parts but I thought it was a tad long and a bit slow at times. I did enjoy it overall.


    1. Hi Abby, I felt like both laughing and crying at certain times.I could easily relate to the “sandwich generation”, and menopause and the constant search for the garden of youth, so to speak. My teenage son is a father now, and I just sit back and watch what “Karma” is. My grandsons are certainly giving him pay back. These are some of my thoughts as I review the story in my head. LOL.

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