Fiona Davis, Caroline Leavitt, and Marilyn Simon Rothstein at Cresthollow Country Club with Linda from Lindas Book Obsession

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On Thursday, May, 24, 2018, The Meadowbrook Women’s Initiative presented “Book, Nook , and Kindle* at the Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, Long Island, NY.

The guests of honor were “Authors, Fiona Davis, “The Address”, Caroline Leavitt, “Cruel Beautiful World” and Marilyn Simon Rothstein, ” Husbands and Other Sharp Objects”.

There was a huge turnout of people, and there was a Breakfast, and  a Luncheon to follow the author’s speaking.    I do apologize for not staying for the author’s speeches and luncheon.   I avoided falling flat on my face a few days before, and had pulled something in my lower back, and better knee. (Is that considered Klutzy?) Anyway, I called my Orthopedist hoping to get a cortisone shot, but will have to wait until tomorrow.

I have read all the books, and those at the luncheon are in for a treat. Let me share some pictures.IMG_3921

Two amazing authors, Fiona Davis “The Address”  and Caroline Leavitt “Cruel and Beautiful World” are here.



Meeting Marilyn Simon Rothstein in person was a special delight. Marilyn is the author of ” Lift and Separate” and  “Husbands and Other Sharp Objects”. Marilyn’s husband was there as well, and has a great sense of humor.(as does Marilyn) I keep saying Marilyn should be a comedian.




kPxdvIRiQGOvzuraS54QzQFiona Davis is just the sweetest kindest and is just so delightful.  For those of you waiting for “The Masterpiece”, you have to read “The Address” if you haven’t already. What a fantastic Historical Fiction Novel.!!!! I loved everything about it, and highly recommend it.


Meeting Marilyn Simon Rothstein, finally in person was such a wonderful treat. Somehow, I feel like I know Marilyn for a long time.  Marilyn is so charming, lovely and funny. “Lift and Separate” and “Husbands and Other Sharp objects” are wonderful books that will tickle your funny bone and put a smile on your face!!!


It was so wonderful seeing Caroline Leavitt, Author of ” Cruel Beautiful World ” again. This is an intriguing and captivating novel, of sisters, and coming of age. It is an amazing thought-provoking read.


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