My Review of : “Jar of Hearts” by Jennifer Hillier


IMG_3896My Review of ” Jar of Hearts” by Jennifer Hillier  Minotaur Books  June 12,2018

Kudos to Jennifer Hillier, Author of “Jar of Hearts” for writing such a captivating, intense, enthralling and intriguing novel. The Genres for this novel are Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, and Fiction. There are twists and turns, and dark deep terrifying secrets. The author writes in the present and in the past 14 years depending on the characters or events depicted in the story.

The author describes her cast of characters as complex, complicated, pathological, dysfunctional and  calculating. Jennifer Hillier writes an amazing and detailed story. There are several characters that are best friends in the story, when they are about 16 years old. One is murdered, one goes to jail for  5 years, and one looks for answers to the truth.

Angela Wong was murdered when she was 16 years old. No one discovered what happened to Angela until  14 years later when her best friend, Georgina Shaw, an engaged prosperous executive of a major company comes forth with the information she has held close to her heart for 14 years. Angelas’ remains were found in Georgia’s back yard.  Kaiser Brody, now a Policeman comes to arrest Georgina at her place of business.

Georgina , also called Geo, had a boyfriend Calvin ,14 years earlier that seemed to be a bad influence on her,  and has been also accused of several other murders. While Geo is in prison, Calvin escapes from prison.  There are more murders. Some things just don’t seem the same. Is there more than one murderer? As Geo leaves prison, is her life in danger?

I found as the story developed, the tension, suspense and mystery also deepened. I really didn’t expect the powerful ending. WOW!! What a conclusion, I never saw it coming. I would highly recommend this riveting and amazing novel to readers that enjoy thrillers, mystery and suspense. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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  1. Great review, Linda. I finished this one recently, too, and I LOVED it. It’s such a standout and GRIPPING! I was riveted. And you’re right – that ENDING! Oh so surprising.

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