My Review of “Spare Change” by Bette Lee Crosby

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IMG_4159My Review of “Spare Change” by Bette Lee Crosby

“Spare Change” by Bette Lee Crosby is a captivating, intriguing, emotionally charged, and heartwarming novel. I appreciate that Bette Lee Crosby writes about searching for what is home , love and family. I enjoyed finding some parts of this story that were  familiar in “Memory House” that I just finished.  The Genres for this story are Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. There is adventure and twists and turns. Bette Lee Crosby is on author that can tell a story with vivid descriptions of the characters, events, and places.

The colorful cast of characters are described as complex,complicated, and confused. There are some mean-spirited characters, and there are some very kind loyal characters. Olivia Westerly, a professional woman has chosen to marry later in life. Olivia never wanted children and is superstitious about the number eleven. She goes out of her way to avoid anything with that number.  Olivia marries Charlie Doyle, and is the happiest the has ever been. On the eleventh day of their marriage, Charlie dies, leaving Olivia  heart-broken.

Ethan Allen Doyle is an eleven year old boy who has witnessed his father’s final abuse when his mother is killed. Hiding in the bushes, Ethan sees the man who comes to the house in search of his mother,  and then sees the man kill his father. One of the police officers is the son of the man who has killed his mother , and Ethan is terrified. Ethan runs for his life with his dog to search for the grandfather he has never met in person, Charlie Doyle.

Olivia is still grieving for Charlie, but is starting to make good friends in the building where she lives. She comes home one evening to find Ethan Allen Doyle and his dog at her door. Olivia never wanted kids, and when she realizes that Ethan is eleven years old, she is very upset. Meanwhile, the law officers are investigating Ethan’s disappearance and want to question him about his parent’s death.

Olivia and Ethan both fear the danger and trouble  ahead. What is to become of Ethan?  I enjoyed this amazing and alluring novel, and I highly recommend this to readers that enjoy Women’s Fiction. There are other books in this series that I look forward to reading.


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