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My Review of “Lady Be Good ” by Amber Brock  Crown Publishing Group , Publishing June 26, 2018

I enjoyed and was captivated and memorized by “Lady Be Good” by Amber Brock. I love the way Amber Brock vividly describes the lifestyle of the young 1950’s in New York, Miami and Cuba. I have my bags packed and I am ready to go!!.The Genres for this book are Fiction, and Women’s Fiction with a touch of humor, and a trace of suspense.

Then author describes her colorful cast of characters as complex, and complicated perhaps due to the circumstances. Most of the characters are likable. In the era before our media, life may be simple, but people always have certain problems and characteristics. Kitty Tessler, is the wealthy daughter of  nightclub tycoon Nicholas Tessler, who has has built his business up by himself. Kitty is adventurous, mischievous, calculating and fun-loving, and tries to act like a socialite. Kitty’s goal or dream is to find a mate that comes from established money  with a Pedigree, so Kitty will be accepted in society.

Kitty’s father gives her an ultimatum to settle down with his assistant or start cleaning toilets. Kitty gets involved in her friends relationships, thinking what is best for them.  As Kitty travels with her friend and Anton, the assistant to Miami, and Cuba, she starts to see different things that make her think. Kitty’s major plan to fix everything almost destroys everyone she loves.

I appreciate that the author brings up the subjects of social class, and how certain minorities were treated.  I highly recommend this novel for readers who enjoy Women’s Fiction and Fiction.


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