My Review of “A Premature Apocalypse” by Dan Sofer

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Kudos to Dan Sofer, Author of “A Premature Apocalypse” for writing such an intense, captivating, intriguing, enthralling and riveting novel. The third book in the series is a thought-provoking book with symbolism, adventure, satire, politics, good and evil, betrayals, danger, wit, death, life from death,  and suspense.  In my opinion, it is hard for this to be a stand alone, and I recommend reading the first two books. There are several Genres for this novel, Fiction, Suspense, Satire, Mystery,  Adventure with a dash of possible Para-normal activity. There is also a mystical or magical feel to this story. There is some scientific information in this story. as well. The timeline of the story is set mostly in the present but goes to the past and future when it pertains to the event or characters in the story. The setting of the story is in mostly Jerusalem.

Dan Sofer writes an amazing and vivid description of the landscape and characters. The author describes his colorful  characters as complex, complicated, quirky, mentally unbalanced,  good and evil. Many of the characters that have been in the other books are back as well.

Moshe Karlin, is now the Prime Minister of his Country. His party has won the election. It is hard to remember that Moshe was once dead, and now is very alive. As more primitive bodies emerge from the graves, The Dry Bone Society is having a hard time dealing with them. Is Moshe the Messiah? Many of the people think that he is, but Moshe will disagree. Of course, Moshe has many enemies. There are betrayals, twists and turns and intense suspense. The Russian Mafia is still around. The other main party from the election wants Moshe eliminated from power, or just eliminated..

Somehow the United States and Russia are now involved. Scientists are involved. Moshe is trying the keep the peace, and avoiding World War Three and the Destruction of Society. Will there be a long-awaited Redemption? There are natural and un-natural disasters.

I enjoyed this book, and appreciated the conclusion. You would have to read the books to see if you agree or not. I would recommend this to readers that enjoy satire, intrigue, adventure , suspense and politics of the world.


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