“My Review of Broken Promise” by Tara Thomas

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My Review of “Broken Promise” by Tara Thomas, St. Martin’s Press June 26, 208

The Genres for “Broken Promise” by Tara Thomas  are Fiction and Romantic Suspense. This is the third in the Sons of Broad Series.  I would suggest that you read the other books, so that you understand this novel better.

The author describes her characters as complicated and complex.  Charleston Police Officer Alyssa  Adams has made a promise to protect women from harm. Alyssa has a dark secret that she is looking for answers and closure to. When Kipling Benedict  realizes there is a kidnapping in his family he contacts Alyssa. The Benedict  family has a powerful enemy, and they are yet to find out his true identity

Alyssa and Kipling have had an attraction for years, but now it seems that it has sparked. Will Alyssa and Kipling be able to find the kidnapper and give Alyssa her closure?

There is danger, and some twists and turns.  This was a very fast read, but I wanted something more. Without giving any spoilers away, I will mention that  I was disappointed with certain things.  I would recommend this for readers of Romance and Suspense. I would also recommend that you read the other books.

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