An Interview With Robyn Harding, Author of “Her Pretty Face” and Lindas Book Obsession



An Interview with Author Robyn Harding

  1. What is your motivation or inspiration for writing your books?

    I like to take stories I hear about in real life or in the media and then fictionalize them, twisting them into something even more dramatic.


  1. What goals would you like for your readers to take away from reading your books.

    I’d like my books to offer an escape for readers. They explore dark themes and toxic characters, so I hope they get pulses pounding and provide a new appreciation for the sanity of their own lives!


  1. How would you like readers to connect with you?

    I love Instagram. You can follow me here:

I also have an author Facebook page:
And a website:


  1. Can you tell us if you have another book in the works, and if so, a teaser of what it is?

Yes! I’m finishing up another manuscript now. It’s about a sugar daddy relationship that goes horribly wrong.




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