Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Christmastime 1939: Prequel to the Christmastime Series” by Linda Mahkovec Part of @Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Release Date: September 25, 2018

About The Book: 

CHRISTMASTIME 1939 introduces the reader to the world of Christmastime. Set in Brooklyn, we meet the young widow Lillian Hapsey and her two sons, Tommy and Gabriel. Even though the Christmas season is just around the corner, Lillian has no Christmas spirit. Alone, unhappy with her job, and plagued by financial concerns, Christmas has become a burden to her.

Overshadowing everything is the war in Europe. Despite the setbacks, Lillian is determined to give her sons a happy Christmas. Can she rekindle her girlhood love for the holiday season? Rediscovering her touchstone just might be the key to unlocking the excitement and magic of Christmas




About Linda:

Linda Mahkovec is the author of The Christmastime Series, love stories set predominantly in New York City during the World War II years. She also has two collections of short stories, The Dreams of Youth and Seven Tales of Love, and a contemporary novel set in Seattle, The Garden House.

Themes of love, family, home, and making the most out of life dominate her stories, and though they may be set against the backdrop of war, or deal with the disappointments in life, the overarching feel is uplifting and hopeful.

One thread that runs through much of her work is that of the female character with an artist sensibility –whether she is a painter, a gardener, or simply someone who lives creatively and seeks out a life of beauty and meaning.

Another thread is the celebration of the seasons: the thrill of the first flowers of spring, barefoot summer nights, the nostalgic beauty of fall, and delight in the first snowfall.

Mahkovec was born and raised in a small town in Illinois. She then spent several years in the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle, and for the past thirty years has lived in New York City. She has a PhD in English, specializing in Victorian literature.

To find out more, please visit her at
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Lindas Book Obsession reviews “Christmastime 1939:Prequel to the Christmastime Series” by Linda Mahkovec

What a wonderful, delightful, entertaining treat to back-track and enter the “Christmastime” 1939 :Prequel to the Christmastime Series” by Linda Mahkovec . I enjoyed visiting Lillian Hapsey and her two young sons, who are now living in Brooklyn.The Genres for this book are Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. The timeline for this story is just before World War Two, when Hitler is in Europe. There is talk of whether there should be United States involvement.

This year Lillian is determined to somehow give her sons Tommy and Gabriel a wonderful Merry Christmas. This is the first Christmas that Lillian won’t be with her sister. Despite problems and obstacles, is it possible for the family to have a wonderful holiday? Can Lillian’s dreams come true? I was so disappointed when the story ended, since I wanted more. The author vividly describes the scenery and food. I had to remember for a minute that it wasn’t December. I would highly recommend this heart-warming, emotional story for those readers who enjoy family stories, have dreams and hopes.


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