Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Fractured Truth” by Susan Furlong

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fullsizeoutput_384fLindas Book Obsession Reviews “Fractured Truth” by Susan Furlong , Author, Kensington Publishing, December 18, 2018

Susan Furlong, Author of “Fractured Truth” the sequel to “Splintered Truth” writes an intense, intriguing , captivating, riveting, and emotional  novel. I did read both books, but I think it would be possible to read “Fractured Truth” by itself, but I think you would appreciate it more, if you read “Splintered Truth”. The Genres for this story are Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, and Fiction. The author describes the characters as flawed, complex and complicated. The timeline for the story takes place in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the stories.

The story takes place in near the Appalachian Mountains in an area called Bone Gap, Tennessee, where the “Irish  Travellers, a clan of people with special traditions and believe that ” no one forgets and no one forgives” live. The towns people tend to discriminate and have dysfunctional animosity against the “Irish Travellers” The “Travellers don’t trust the towns people or the police. They handle their problems in their own way.

Brynn Callahan, and her dog Wilco are called in when a young “Traveller ” girl’s body is found. Brynn is suffering from PSTD from the military , and her handicapped dog is trained to locate dead bodies.  Brynn also is one of the  “Travellers” but now is an outcast as a Police Detective. As more dangerous situations arise, and another body is found, Brynn is finding tremendous difficulty in handling her responsibilities  of her job and her family.

Brynn is much more intense, and deeper involved in her problems in this book. Brynn is drinking more, and taking pain pills more, and is justifying  that should be allowed. She is “fracturing” the truth to make the pieces fit. Will this cause a problem on her job? Will this cause more animosity from her family?  Will Brynn be able to  solve this case?

There are twists and turns and unexpected dangers. Brynn is facing more betrayal. I would highly recommend this novel to those readers who enjoy a thrilling, suspenseful mystery.

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