Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “My Favorite Half-Night Stand” by Christina Lauren

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fullsizeoutput_3855Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “My Favorite Half-Night Stand” by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren, Author(s) of “My Favorite Half-Night Stand”  has written a unique, witty, amusing, enjoyable and entertaining novel. The Genres for this novel are Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Humor,and New Adult. The author(s) describe the colorful characters as quirky, slightly dysfunctional, and complex.

The author(s) tackle the subject of on-line dating today for late twenties and thirty year olds, and the trials and tribulations that go along with that.  Also the question of can male and female be friends and have half- benefits?  I did have some laugh out loud moments that caught both my husband’s and dog’s attention.

Millie Morris is just one of the guys and her best friends are a group of men, that are professionals. Millie is a specialist: WAIT FOR IT:  “a female killer expert”, a Professor,  no less.  Millie has a great sense of humor, and wit, but is seriously lacking getting personal skills. Millie keeps everything about herself quiet. When the group of friends get together to celebrate, a special black tie event is brought up. How are they going to get dates? It is decided that they will try on-line dating. Millie has to brush up her friend’s profiles.

Millie finds that Reid Campbell, one of her buddies seems more attractive than usually. After the group meets, Reid takes a “tipsy” Millie home and the two  have a half night stand of sex. The two immediately regret  and worry that this could hurt their friendship, and decide that will be the end of that.

Millie finds it easiest to change her On-line profile to Catherine, her middle name, and finds that she is 98% compatible with one man, but the problem is she knows him. I would recommend this fun-loving and entertaining story to those readers who enjoy novels with Romance and Humor. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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