Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding” by Wendy Wax, Berkley Publishing, May 14, 2019

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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding” by Wendy Wax, Berkley , May 14, 2019

Wendy Wax, Author of “My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding” has written an entertaining, captivating, intriguing, riveting, and enthralling novel.  The Genres for this novel are Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. There is also Romance and Suspense. The story takes place mostly in the Outer Banks, where there are descriptions of sand and beautiful water. The author describes her dysfunctional cast of characters as complex and complicated.

I appreciate that Wendy Wax has described the importance of family, friends, loyalty, communication, forgiveness, second chances, love and hope. Symbolizing many of these things is an exquisite wedding dress that has been in the family for years and worn by family members .It is almost like the dress has a hint of magic, besides beauty. If only a dress could talk.

Kendra has been a single Mom and has brought up her daughter Lauren, now an author. Kendra has also been responsible for acting like a mother to Bree, once a good friend to Lauren. There is a lot of animosity and friction among both women, who were once close as thieves.  Bree runs a bookstore, and has a husband and two children. Lauren is a very successful author, and just has gotten engaged.  Now there is a reason for Lauren to come home.

Unfortunately, Kendra is harboring some deep and dark secrets that if exposed could change the family dynamics forever. There are some betrayals and lies that also affect the past, present and future.

I would highly recommend this amazing novel for readers who enjoy suspense, and romance.

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