Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Mah Jongg Mondays” by Fern Bernstein

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TP7PAQLkRZKC1CRz+YRqfwLindas Book Obsession Reviews “Mah Jongg Mondays” by Fern Bernstein, JAG Designer Services, April, 2019

Fern Bernstein, Author of “Mah Jongg Mondays” writes a well written Memoir that vividly describes the game of Mah Jongg, and the game of life.  This is a true story of sisterhood, friendship,  emotional support, love, and hope.  The tiles are so symbolic of the way Fern, her family and friends negotiate a way to win. Sometimes with the tiles that we are given, we do the best we can and look hard at different options. The same is true in life. Not everything is always perfect, but we look at all the options again and do our best for a good outcome. I highly recommend this thought-provoking memoir for all readers.


Kudos to Fern Bernstein for writing such an entertaining, intense, dramatic, page turning,  emotional memoir which depicts  “The Game of Mahjong” as a “Game of Life or Death , with family, friends, neighbors, love and hope! This memoir tugged at my heartstrings as I cheer for the winners!!


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