How Did You Get Involved in Reviewing and Blogging About Books?? First, I Have to Thank Someone Really Special!!!


fullsizeoutput_45b8K06WD+xwS8WgfTrKCrChyg.jpgHi Everyone,

I have updated some information about my love for books (Lindas Book Obsession) and will have more information for you.  This is a Work in Progress!!

First of all, I wouldn’t have a Facebook Page with over 6200 followers if it weren’t for a special dear friend, who is like a sister to me, Suzy Leopold, who is better known as Suzy Approved Book Reviews and Suzy Approved Book Tours. In 2017, I first realized if I read a book a day, and review, where can I keep my reviews? I started a blog in WordPress. I put all my reviews on there. Linda’s Book Obsession came to life, and my information could automatically go to different media such as FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

Suzy and I would write one another, and one day I wrote that I lived in Melville, Long Island, which rang a bell for Suzy. She knew my neck of the woods very well, and when she came to bring her son to a party, we met for the first time. It was pouring that day!!!(I guess that is for good luck!!)

Suzy sort of convinced me to start a Facebook Page, and helped me tremendously. I will never forget when I had knee replacement surgery with all sorts of complications, Suzy helped me by lovingly taking care of my Page for over three weeks. Suzy is the best and really “Good People” My Deepest, Heartfelt Thanks!! I appreciate You!! Love You, Suzy XOXOXO



8 comments on “How Did You Get Involved in Reviewing and Blogging About Books?? First, I Have to Thank Someone Really Special!!!”

  1. So happy you do your blog. Love your reviews and recommendations. You’ve seriously hurt my wallet since I buy many of your recommendations. Keep up the good work

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  2. Suzy Leopold is the best supporter and cheerleader any new author can have. I don’t know where I would be with my book (A Dream to Die For) if she hadn’t been offering her wealth of knowledge and network of bloggers like you, Linda. Thanks for this tribute to her!

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  3. Linda-
    I LOVE this! Thanks to your blog, we are now friends. You’re one of the kindest and most generous person I know. I feel fortunate to count you as a good friend. 💕

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