Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Second Chance Supper Club” by Nicole Meier, Lake Union, September 10, 2019,​ for Suzy Approved Book Tours

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fullsizeoutput_464aLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews, “The Second Chance Supper Club: by Nicole Meier, Lake Union, September 10, 2019 for Suzy Approved Book Tours

Nicole Meier, Author of  “The Second Chance Supper Club” has written an emotional, captivating, intriguing, and thought-provoking novel. I love the way the author vividly describes and writes about her characters, landscape, markets, florists and food. I appreciate the comparison of city vs. country life. The Genres for this story are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. The author describes her dramatic cast of characters as complex and complicated. The theme of this book is sisters, mothers and daughters, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Younger sister Julia Frank seems to have it all together, she appears on a Television Morning show as a journalist and has a wealthy, motivated fiance. Julia appears to be polished and works very hard and is respected. With the pressure of her ratings, she mentions something live without thinking it through. Julia finds herself on “leave” from her job and doesn’t know where to go. Just knowing she has to get away for a few days, she decides to leave the city and head for Arizona, where her older sister Ginny lives with her daughter.

Ginny and Julia have not seen each other in several years after a tragedy caused their estrangement. Ginny has her own problems. Ginny is a chef and barely makes ends meet, by having “discreet” supper clubs in her house, where she prepares and serves the food to a discriminating culinary and appreciative clientele.  This might not be the perfect timing for a reunion for the two sisters. Or maybe it is just the right time.

I appreciate that the author discusses the importance of family, friends, support, forgiveness, love, and hope. I would highly recommend this thought-provoking and emotional novel to those readers who enjoy family drama, and women’s fiction.



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