Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Beyond the Horizon” by Ella Carey, Oct. 2019

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Beyond the Horizon” by Ella Carey, October 2019

Ella Carey, Author of “Beyond the Horizon” writes a captivating, intriguing, intense, and page-turning novel. Genres are both Historical Fiction and Fiction. The timelines for this story are both at the height of World War Two, and 1977. The location for this story takes place in both Texas and North Carolina. The author vividly discusses and describes the “Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and the discrimination, treatment, and lack of respect shown between men and women. The themes for this story are friendship, second chances, looking for the truth, fighting for what is equal, right, and sisterhood. Ella Carey describes the characters as brave, courageous, and bold. There is loyalty and betrayal.

Eva Scott has always loved flying planes and is given lessons by a good friend. Eva and her friend Nina apply and join the WASP during the war.  The two best friends meet other women and form a special bond and sisterhood. The women are not treated equally to the men in the training, and some of the equipment seems to be faulty.

After a devasting accident, where Eva loses her memory, she returns home and gets married. For thirty years, Eva hasn’t discussed the war, flying, or her friends. Eva’s eighteen-year-old son convinces her to help recognize the WASPS.  In doing this, Eva has no idea how her life and others will change.

I highly recommend this thought-provoking novel for readers who appreciate historical fiction.

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