Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Her Last Chance” by Alison Ragsdale ,April 13,2021


Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Her Last Chance” by Alison Ragsdale, April 13, 2021

Alison Ragsdale, the author of “Her Last Chance” has written a unique, heartbreaking, emotional and thought-provoking novel. Alison Ragsdale has written a powerful family drama that just takes my breath away. I admire that the author shows her empathy and sensitivity as a mother, and asks all the “What ifs” that a mother would ask. What is so impressive is that reading such a poignant and honest story, is that the author is able to bring so much positivity and hope to the reader.

Ava and her husband Rick and their daughter Carly make a decision to move to Ava’s family home, where there is tremendous planning for a beautiful life. Carly, who is ten, loves to paint, and the views are described vividly through the author as breath-taking. Ava notices that her daughter stumbles, and takes her to the doctor, where the family learns that Ava has a genetic progressive disease, that will change all their lives.

Rick feels that taking a trip, while Carly can enjoy things would be beneficial. Unfortunately tragedy strikes, and that is not possible. What is amazing, is that Ava is able to let her friends help, and is able to do the best she can, and deal with difficult decisions. I would highly recommend this amazing book to other readers.

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