Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Living and Leaving My Legacy” by Merle R. Saferstein, Great Mother Press, June 7, 2022. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours


Merle R. Saferstein, the writer and the author of “Living and Leaving My Legacy” has provided inspirational and thought-provoking ideas. The genres for “Living and Leaving My Legacy” are Nonfiction, Journal Writing Self Help, and Emotional Self Help. There are snippets of the Author’s Memoir . Merle R. Saferstein explains it best when she says,”…I created “Living and Leaving My Legacy” which focuses on preserving and passing along the essence of one’s life.”

The author started writing in journals at age 30, and accumulated over 380 volumes. At first she would keep them in two safety deposit boxes in a local bank. Her family respected her privacy for her journals, and she wanted her children to realize that a diary or journal is private. When the costs of the safety deposit boxes increased, the author purchased a fire proof cabinet/safe with 2 keys to store them. One of the author’s biggest dilemmas was who she was to leave her treasured journals too. She wrote those decisions legally. Merle R. Saferstein thought about destroying them at one point, and then another that it would be beneficial for her great grandchildren to have them. Nevertheless, that was an interesting discussion,

The actual book is quite large and heavy. There are different sections with life events, such as Marriage, Raising Children, Parenting, Transitions in Life,The Need for Journaling, The Workplace, and much more. The author uses excerpts of her journal writing, and has a place for reflection and to sum up what she has been writing. The author then provides questions for the reader to use to reflect and write, and then there are some lined pages for the reader’s thoughts.

The author discusses Anne Frank and her importance of her diaries to preserve history. She discusses other people who kept journals as well, and even was asked to speak on occasion about the significance of journaling. Through the different excerpts of those journals the author learned many things about herself, and had a place to share her most personal thoughts and feelings.

I would recommend this insightful, inspirational and thought-provoking book to others.

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