Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Red Rain” by Lara Bernhardt, Admission Press, 2022 On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Lara Bernhardt, the author of “Red Rain” has written an intriguing and inspirational novel. The genres for this story are Women’s Fiction, Women’s Literacy, and Fiction.The author discusses cultural differences, the importance of friendship, sisterhood, learning to deal with grief, moving on and self-growth. This is a well written novel that explores how to empower women by giving them the proper education, knowledge and tools to make a difference. The story mostly takes place in India, which is a cultural shock to Professor Olivia Montag, who is there to teach English to the children. The other volunteers help Olivia realize that girls and women are not considered equal in so many ways in India.

Olivia has decided to volunteer in India while trying to escape a terrible tragedy. Olivia means well and starts to bond with the children. She purchases materials that she feels that the children need, but is politely reprimanded by the administration. When one of the brightest girls leaves the school for a shocking reason, Olivia is determined to do something that will help and make a difference.

While Olivia is in India, there are strange storms with red rain, and these phenomenal occurrences can’t be explained. Olivia starts to trust the other teachers, and does reach out for help to deal with her past and present so she can move on to embrace the future. I appreciate that the author stresses the importance of sisterhood and empowering women. I highly recommend this though-provoking novel.

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