Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Andrea Hoffman Goes All In” by Diane Cohen Schneider, She Writes Press, Book Sparks,August 30, 2022

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Diane Cohen Schneider, the author of “Andrea Hoffman Goes All In” has written an intriguing and captivating novel. The genres for this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Jewish Literature and Fiction, with a dash of Romance and Humor. The timeline for this story is the 1980s and takes place mostly in Chicago. The author describes her colorful and dramatic characters as complex and complicated. I love the way the author vividly describes the unique 1980’s traits of each character in such detail. I really felt a strong emotional attachment to some of the characters.

The role of women in business in the 1980s was intimidating and limiting. (Sometimes in certain careers, that can be said today). The protagonist, Andrea Hoffman, is an intelligent, and determined young lady. She starts working in an elite dress store, until she witnesses a robber with a gun. The next job that Andrea takes is in the fast-paced world of finance. Andrea becomes a workaholic and manages to hold her own against the men and women who are so competitive. Andrea does face bumps in the road and adversity, but does show courage. Andrea loves making money, and is soon doing quite well.

Unfortunately, Andrea can’t do anything that is considered praise-worthy from her mother. Also, being a workaholic does put a strain on one’s love life. The author writes with wit, and there are some very enjoyable moments. I would highly recommend this entertaining book.

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