Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Orchid Blooming” (Goodbye Orchid #1) by Carol Van Den Hende, Azure Press, September 2022

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Carol Van Den Hende, the author of “Orchid Blooming” has written a heartfelt and captivating novel. The genres for this novel are Contemporary Women Fiction, Fiction, and Romance. The timeline for this story is set in the author’s present, and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters and events. The author describes her characters as complex and complicated. There are secrets that some of the characters are burdened with. I appreciate that the author discusses important topics as PTSD, honesty and trust, forgiveness, kindness, and second chances.

Orchid Paige is a determined, motivated and hardworking young woman. She is tormented by her past and has worked for everything she has. At her job, there is an opportunity for one employee to go to China, and Orchid will do anything that she can to achieve that position.

Phoenix is a wealthy, young businessman who offers to mentor Orchid to get the China assignment, and has her volunteer on a campaign with disabled veterans. Phoenix is a kind young gentleman but has a secret agenda in seeking out Orchid.

Both Orchid and Phoenix try to maintain a professional relationship, but both start to feel something “more”. Is it possible for the “Spark” to ignite into something? This is a series, but “Orchid Blooming” can be read as a stand alone. I highly recommend this emotional and thought-provoking novel to other readers.

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