Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Secrets in the Mirror” by Leslie Kain, September 13, 2022. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Leslie Kain, the author of “Secrets in the Mirror” has written a chilling psychological thriller. The genres for this book are Psychological Literary Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Family Life Fiction, and Mystery and Suspense. This is an edgy novel filled with suspense, betrayals, gaslighting, danger, threats, psychological and physical abuse, substance abuse, and dysfunctional family dynamics. The author has written a terrifying book about identical twins, who are as opposite as day and night, or good and evil. This is one book which reminds me of nature vs. nature.

One twin has been praised for being the strongest, the best and superior by their father, and the other one is told he is a nerd, and inferior. Devon has been told that he is the stronger twin, yet he is diagnosed as a narcissist and sociopath. Gavin, is told he is inferior, yet he struggles to free himself and his identity. If they look in the mirror, they look the same, but they are totally opposite.

As the boys mature, Devon becomes addicted to drugs, and becomes involved with the mob. Their father always turns to Gavin to clean up Devon’s messes and keep him on track. Gavin becomes aware that his father comes from a dysfunctional background, as did his grandfather. Gavin also realizes the only one that he should take care of is himself. Can he turn his back on his brother or fix him?

Leslie Kain has written a twisted, high tension, chilling psychological drama that makes it difficult to put this book down. I would highly recommend this terrifying and suspenseful novel to others.

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