Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Valentine’s Day 1946” by Linda Mahkovec, Bublish, 2023

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WOW! I am so thrilled that Linda Mahkovec, author has written “Valentine’s Day 1946” to continue “The Christmastime Series”. I loved visiting many of the characters from the other books, and yet this can be a stand-alone. The genres for this series are Historical Fiction, Fiction, Family Fiction, and Romance. Linda Mahkovec is a master at storytelling and vividly describes the characters, the events, and the historical times in her stories. I appreciate the sensory feel in this story, where I can visualize, sense, feel, touch, taste and hear everything that makes it so special,

The time period is just after the war, and we get a peek at the various characters. The author takes us to New York, where Lillian and her family are preparing for Valentine’s Day. There is planning and plotting at the “Red String Curio Store” for Valentine’s Day. Love is certainly in the air. Charles has a surprise for Lillian and the family, and baby Charlotte is winning everyone’s hearts.

In rural Illinois, you can feel planning and plotting as well. Jessica seems to be playing matchmaker, and not everyone is on board. One thing for sure is love can be for any age.

I appreciate that Linda Mahkovec discusses the importance of family, friends, neighbors and community. There is a wonderful feeling of hope and love. I would highly recommend this feel good, memorable novel.

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