Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Weight of Flowers” by D.K. Silver, Heavy Thunder Publishing, February 2023, On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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D.K. Silver, the author of “The Weight of Flowers”has written a unique and thought-provoking novel. The author vividly describes the characters and the events in the story. The timeline of the story is approximately 1900. The author describes some of the characters as complex, complicated, greedy, power-hungry, and manipulative. The themes throughout this story deal with power, greed, seduction, abuse, schemes, control and manipulation. This is also the journey in self-worth of the protagonist, Jamison, who is searching for her way.

Jamison was named by her father, “the Colonel”, who had hoped that she would be a male, and controlled her as he did the horses on his farm. The Colonel put values of worth on everything, and used everyone and anything. As Jamison gets older, she tries to control her own fate and life. Jamison has the opportunity to assist a feminist author and heads to Switzerland. Somehow the Colonel manages to destroy that opportunity, and has his own plans for Jamison. The Colonel also manages to control the lives of other people that are connected to Jamison.

Jamison does meet some other character that are interested in helping her. Somehow, Jamison will have to determine which paths to follow. D.K. Silver will be writing other books in this series.

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