Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Once We Were Home” by Jennifer Rosner, Flatiron Books, March 2023, On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Jennifer Rosner, the author of “Once We Were Home,” has written a memorable and thought-provoking novel. The genres for this story are Historical Fiction and Fiction. This is a compelling novel that pays tribute to the “forgotten” children that were displaced during World War Two. The author vividly describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated. Many of the children were innocent and part of the politics and tragedy of the time. Through Ana and Oskar, the reader witnesses how they were placed with a Polish Catholic family when their Jewish parents wanted them safe. Roger was only a child when he was placed in the Catholic Church. To protect him, he is baptized, although he was born Jewish. Renata studies archeology and, upon her mother’s death, realizes that there were secrets.

Two decades later, the reader sees how these characters live when they were returned “home.” The author has written a heartfelt and emotional novel about these children’s journeys. I would highly recommend this important novel to others.

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