Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Golden Doves” by Martha Hall Kelly, Ballantine Books, April 18, 2023. On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Wow! Kudos to Martha Hall Kelly, the author of “The Golden Doves” for writing such a powerful, captivating, inspirational and absorbing Historical Fiction Novel. I have read all of Martha Hall Kelly’s novels, and “The Golden Doves” again proves what a master writer and storyteller she is. This novel is quite a masterpiece, providing important relevant and educational material about a tragic time and evil people in history. I appreciate the amount of historical research that the author included in this book. The timeline for this novel is during World War Two, and about a decade that follows the war. This novel is based on true facts, and yet at times reads like a fictional thriller. It is terrifying to realize that many incidents took place. The locations for this story take place in France, Germany, and other areas of Europe, the United States and South America. There are descriptions in German Concentration camps, and specific places within the camp.

The author vividly describes the dramatic characters as complex, complicated, and shows contrasts of “good vs. evil”. World War Two was one of the most devastating and destructive wars in history. The medical experiments and torture of the prisoners shouldn’t be forgotten. Two of the protagonists, know as “The Golden Doves” were spies that worked in the French Resistance during the war, and hunted by the German Gestapo. Josie Anderson, was an American, whose mother was Jewish. Arlette LaRue, has a baby with her German boyfriend, that is fighting for his country. Both are young women that have everything to lose if they are captured.

There are twists and turns, espionage, betrayals, greed, power-plays, political commitments, gaslighting, danger and murder. Characters are not who you think they are. There are highs and lows, and unpredictable events. I don’t know how many times, I would say, “OMG!!” I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t put this book down.

The two “Golden Doves” join together a decade later to hunt down a German doctor that caused Josie’s mother horrific death, and the disappearance of Arlette’s son. The characters they meet along the way are suspicious and dangerous. There are deep dark secrets. Josie is working for the United States intelligence community, and Arlette has been working in a bakery in France, with other survivors of Ravensbruck. Other governments are also searching for this doctor. These two brave and courageous women want justice, and have no idea how history is repeating itself. They are in for a rude awakening to see who is protecting the evil and corrupt criminal.

I am a big fan of Martha Hall Kelly, and I highly recommend this memorable, and educational book that provides information and shines a light on events that seemed to be tucked away in history.

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