“You Carried Me” by Melissa Ohden

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I would like to thank LibraryThing and Plough Publishing House for the edition of “You Carried Me” A Daughter’s Memoir by Melissa Ohden. Melissa Ohden is a young teenager when she learns that she is the survivor of a botched abortion. It seems that her biological mother was in a later stage of pregnancy than was thought. Using a saline solution to terminate pregnancy in surviors can cause serious abnormalities.Luckily Melissa is healthy and adopted by a loving family.
Melissa’s goal is to find out who her biological parents are and why they wanted to abort her rather than find an adoptive home. She researches and tries to find them. Melissa does meet other abortion survivors, some with major disabilities.
As Melissa matures, and gets married she continues to research and does find the names and sends letters to both her biological parents.Melissa has a daughter, and soon after miscarries,losing a son.
Melissa is religious and speaks at functions against abortion.At times, she is asked to show who an abortion survivor is.
There are frustrations and obstacles to getting the answers that are meaningful to Melissa. Melissa shows us that love, hope and faith are important in her life.

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