Review of “Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes

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I would like to thank Simon & Schuster for the e-book “Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes.  The genres of this novel are mystery,thriller, and fiction. One main character,Joe Goldberg is a sociopath who has killed at least four people. I found him to be amusing and a  sort of nice guy for a sociopath.  Joe has no patience for cheating girlfriends and liars. This is the second book in a series and it seems that Joe made a slight mistake, and left a mug of his urine in a closet, while he was stalking the place. I guess no one is perfect.

The characters in this novel are complex and deeply flawed. Some are not likeable.We first meet Amy, one of Joe’s loves.He is really smitten with her,until he realizes that she leaves him and steals thousands of dollars of books. This does not go well with Joe,who now decides that Amy doesn’t deserve to live. He goes on an adventure to find Amy, and meets quite a cast of characters.

This is a mystery and at times there are twists and turns. There are surprises, and an ending I did not expect. I would recommend this novel for those who like a mystery with quirky characters.

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