“The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living” by Louise Miller

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I just finished reading “The City Baker’s Guide To County Living” by Louise Miller.The genre of this book is fiction, and I would add romance.

Olivia, “Livvy” makes a very flamboyant entrance with her dessert at a fancy Boston restaurant. Her blazing dessert is the cause of a fire, and Olivia’s exit from working in Boston. Olivia heads for Vermont where her close friend Hannah lives. She takes a job as a baker in Vermont at a”Sugar House Inn”, and is able to live with her dog,while she works.

Olivia clashes with Margaret the owner as she settles in. Olivia finds there is a big adjustment from working as a baker in the city , and the demands on her in the country. Olivia loves paying the banjo, and is quick to find some new friends who also play in a band.

I find that the other characters are delightful and friendly. Louise Miller writes a story about finding where you belong, friendship,family, and family.

I enjoyed this charming story and the descriptive setting, and would recommend it highly.


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