“The Happiness in Between” by Grace Greene

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC of “The Happiness in Between” by Grace Greene. The genre of this novel is women’s fiction. I like that the author addresses issues such as adult dementia (alzheimers), spousal verbal abuse, animal abuse, animal shelters, bullying, and special needs in education. One of the main characters, Sandra(Cassandra) is running away from an abusive marriage(married twice to the same man, Trent), and relocates in her aunt’s home in rural Virginia. In exchange for room and board, Sandra takes care of the house and Honey,her aunt’s elder dog. Her parents have moved to Florida, where it will be easier to take care of her father who has dementia. Her aunt goes to help her parents settle in.
Sandra does meet her neighbors, Colton and his son Aaron, and through their kindness and help, manages to fix her aunt’s messy property. Unfortunately, Trent has been looking for Sandra.
Sandra is insecure and has problems asserting herself and being independent. I found that the author shows us strengths and weaknesses in her characters, friendship, love, choices, self worth and hope. I enjoyed and would recommend this novel.

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