My Review of “The Old Man and the Princess” by Sean-Paul Thomas


What is real and what is not? You’ll have to read “The Old Man and the Princess”by Sean-Paul Thomas. A copy was provided by the author for an honest review. The genre of this book is Fiction and Cozy Mystery. After reading the book, you can decide if this is a Fantasy or an Adult Fairytale as well.

Sean-Paul Thomas uses colorful and vivid descriptions of Ireland and  Scotland, where the story takes place. The characters are intriguing, complex and witty.

The story  starts when an old man is dreaming of the past, hears a noise and in a confused and half-awaken state realizes that there is a man with a gun in his room. With amazing strength, the old man is able to overtake the trespasser, and ties him up and puts him in the trunk of his car. The old man, Derek realizes that he can waste no time in putting his plan in action.

Derek leaves his house and drives and follows Sersha a 16 year old foster child as she is ready to board a bus. He finally gets a chance and using chloroform and ties, kidnaps Sersha. When Sersha wakes up, Derek calls her a “Princess” and tells her that he has to get her home. There are bounty hunters after them and it is dangerous.

Derek also tells Sersha , that he is not of this planet. The old man gains Sersha’s trust when he retells how people who had bullied or tried to hurt Sersha were dealt with. Derek appears to be like a “Fairy Godfather” watching over Sersha.

Derek and Sersha leave Ireland for Scotland where they are looking for a way to get Sersha home. The two are followed by various people, and have a terrifying and dangerous adventure.

This story is packed with action, shooting, chasing,fighting, and running. Will Sersha get home? Who are are parents? Why is the Irish Mafia, and strange people following them?Is the old man, Derek who he says he is?

Sean-Paul Thomas has an amazing way of writing a story. This was enjoyable and entertaining, and I would recommend that you read it.




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