My Review of “The Child” by Fiona Barton

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I would like to thank First To Read and Berkley/Penguin Random House for the ARC of “The Child” by Fiona Barton for my honest review.

The genre of this novel is Mystery/thriller and Adult Fiction.  During a demolition of a building, the bones of a baby are found.  The baby is referred to as the “Building Site Baby”. Kate Waters, a journalist becomes increasingly involved in this story.

Years before, a baby disappeared from the maternity ward in a major hospital, while the mother was taking a shower. The mother has been tormented with guilt for leaving the baby alone in the hospital.Although this is devastating news, this might mean closure for this couple.

Kate starts to interview many of the tenants who resided in the demolished  building.  The more people that Kate interviews, the more complicated it becomes. Kate is now speaking to the police and a detective involved in this case.

Fiona Barton describes her characters as flawed, complex and complicated. Most of them have secrets, that they want to stay buried.  Kate starts to find more evidence and clues that seem to be part of this unresolved case.

There are twists and turns and unexpected revelations.  I was surprised and didn’t expect the ending.  When the secrets, turn into the truth, there can be unanticipated, unpredictable consequences.

I found this book intriguing and would recommend it!

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