My review of “Beyond Justice” by Cara C. Putman

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the ARC of “Beyond Justice” by Cara C. Putman for my honest review.
The genres of this book are Mystery, Thrillers and Fiction. There is a touch of romance as well.
I like the way that Cara C. Putman describes the detention process for juvenile immigrants in the United States.
Although this book is fiction, it makes me wonder how what does go on in juvenile detention centers, especially with immigration being a current topic.
Hayden McCarthy is an attorney on the road for partnership in an important law firm. The partners assign her a case in which the client is a mother who wants to know why her immigrant son held in a detention center in Texas was murdered. The mother has been sent a picture of her dead son on her cell phone. Jorge, the mother’s younger son is with her. Both the mother and Jorge are here with legal documentation. Why did the older son come here as an illegal immigrant?
Hayden meets her roommate’s cousin, Andrew who is the son of a famous politician. Andrew is involved in a local center for Immigration youth that provides programs for the children. Helping these children is important to Andrew. Jorge is one of the children who comes to his center.
As Hayden gets more involved with the case, there are threats, people are getting hurt, there are break ins for information, and murders. Much of the evidence has disappeared in the Texas juvenile detention center, where Miguel had been killed.
In this story, there are twists and turns and secrets. There is also adventure and excitement.
I enjoyed this intriguing story and would recommend it!

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