My review of “The Marriage Pact” by Michelle Richmond

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine for the ARC of “The Marriage Pact” by Michelle Richmond for my honest review. The genres of this book are Mystery,Thriller and Adult Fiction.
The author questions “How far would you go to protect your marriage?
Alice, a former musician, now a prominent attorney and Jake, a pyschologist are a newly married couple. The story is told in Jake’s point of view.
One of Alice’s prominent clients gives an unusual wedding present. In a box, there are pens and a box that says “The Marriage Pact.” Before long they have a visit from someone who calls them “Friends”, and tells them they have to read the manual in the box. Alice and Jake are invited to a party for members of The Pact. The manual consists of rules to keep the balance in a perfect marriage. The rules include frequent memorable gifts for each other, vacation time, attending parties, and most importantly making themselves the priority in their lives.
Both Alice and Jake are intriqued and consider this a challenge,until they realize there are consequences if they don’t abide by the rules. Alice is working late at her law firm, and is called in by the members of the pact to attend mandatory counselling by one of their members. Alice has no choice.
Alice is summoned to meet with one of the members again, and she declines to go because of a conflict at her law firm. This is now considered an infraction by the members of The Pact. Two members come to the house and put Alice in chains and take her away. Jake is told she will call and be home in a few days if all is well. Jake is warned not to tell anyone. For the first infraction, Alice is fitted with a bracelet that cannot be taken off. For the next infraction, Alice has a neck brace that forces her to focus. It seems Alice was in jail, and had an attorney to represent her.
It appears that “The Pact” now is part of their life. There is no turning back or leaving . The Marriage Pact has become a nightmare.
Michelle Richmond describes her characters as complicated and complex greedy, power hungry, and good and evil
Be warned, there are some uncomfortable torture scenes, if you get queasy.
Will Alice and Jake survive? Will they be able to escape the thousands of members of The Pact, many in prominent positions?
I found this novel intriguing and chilling. If you like thrillers, this is for you.

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