My review of “Sunbaked” by Junie Coffey

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC of “Sunbaked” by Junie Coffey for my honest review. The genres of this novel are Women’s Fiction and General Fiction. I would give “Sunbaked” three and one half stars.
I like the way Junie Coffey describes the sandy white beaches and turquoise waters in the Caribbean, where the story take place. I wish I could buy a ticket and take a vacation there, lying in the sun.
The story has a great start. Nina, despising her cheating husband is drinking wine. At two o’clock in the morning, Nina is on her computer and goes shopping online,and buys a fix me up cottage in this tropical Caribbean paradise.
A sober Nina is headed to her new home, and gets to meet some quirky and intriguing characters.
Barry Bassett, a wealthy businessman is furious that Junie bought this cottage, since he wanted to purchase the land. He makes threatening comments, visits, and has his big dogs chase her.
Her mailman is also the local yoga instructor, as well as an assistant bartender,and appears to be very immature.
Nina finds herself immersed in a mystery when Barry Bassett’s wife is kidnapped at a party. An emerald necklace worth millions is stolen
Some of the characters seem greedy, shallow, immature, and not likeable. Some characters were making poor dangerous decisions,not thinking of the consequences.
Despite the adventures and the mystery, the conclusion was predictable. There was a hint of possible romance, I found this a very easy read.

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