My Review of “The Ghostwriters” by Mickey J. Corrigan

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I would like to thank the author and The Wild Rose Press for a copy of The Ghostwriters by Mickey J. Corrigan for my honest review.

The genre of this book is Fiction. There is also suspense, an essence of paranormal and fantasy and romance. This is an unusual book with some challenging points of view.

I like the way Mickey J. Corrigan uses the element of surprise and change in genres in this story. I also like the way that the author describes her characters.  They are complex and complicated.

Jacy  McMasters is described as quirky, conflicted, flighty, unstable  has addictions and secrets. She often finds herself in bars getting drunk, and choosing toxic and superficial relationships. One night she meets the famous novelist JD Balinger, who asks if she could do a sequel to his popular first book. Speaking of ghostwriters and writing, it seems that JD is really  a ghost, who claims that Jacy can clean up her act and be a successful writer. As they work together, the words just seem to appear on the page as Jacy starts writing.

Jacy meets  Firth in a bar, and in a drunken stupor reveals much about her life. Firth seems to be a responsible, no-nonsense guy, who is looking for a real relationship based on honesty and truthfulness.  Firth is intrigued by what Jacy has revealed about herself, and would like them to be in a relationship. Is it possible for Jacy to have a relationship?

I appreciate the way the author shows us the growth of the character, as a person and a writer. Jacy has to travel a hard path to realize if there is a way for her to find her true self.  Through fantasy can we find happiness?

I also like the way the author brings up the topic of mental illness with topics such as depression and suicide. In society today with pressures and expectations, there are many people who are afraid to ask for help. I really feel that this is relevant in our world today.

I enjoyed this unusual novel and would recommend it. I look forward to reading more of the authors  books.


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