Giveaway Addition courtesy of Author Mary Ann Henry. Get a chance at a second entry for 2 signed editions of “Ladies in Low Places” and a chance to win a comfortable 3/4 sleeve tee shirt based on a story in the book( and also a great conversation starter.) Go to Linda Book Obsession on my FB page and follow the directions below! Good Luck!

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Author Mary Ann Henry posts about Writing and Solo & Adventure Travel for Women. Post your question about women traveling solo here. You may be one of the winners in the Shirt Story Giveaway!

Seen by Mary Ann Henry at 4:59pm

Lindas Book Obsession
 For an extra giveaway chance to win this lovely  and comfortable 3/4 tee shirt, based on a story from the book, “Ladies in Low Places” by Mary Ann Henry.(also a great conversation starter) comment on Linda’s Book Obsession on Face book, any questions you have about solo travel for the author, or something based on your personal experience with solo women travel and adventures.  Good Luck!

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