Christmas in London

byAnita Hughes(Goodreads Author)
A charming, glamourous love story set at Claridge’s in London during the magical week before Christmas starring a sweet NYC baker and the Cooking Channel Producer who could change her life.

It’s a week before Christmas and Louisa Graham is working twelve hour shifts at a bakery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. When a young cooking show assistant comes in from the rain and begs to buy all the cinnamon rolls on her tray, she doesn’t know what to do. Louisa is just the baker, and they aren’t hers to sell. But the show burned the rolls they were supposed to film that day, so she agrees.

The next morning, Louisa finds out that her cinnamon rolls were a hit, but the star of the show was allergic, and the whole crew is supposed to leave for London that afternoon. They want Louisa to step in for their annual Christmas Eve Dinner TV special at Claridge’s. It’s a great opportunity, and Digby Bunting, Louisa’s famous baking idol, will be there. Even if he does seem more interested in her than her food.

And then there’s Kate, the show’s beautiful producer. On their first day in London she runs into the skinny boy she jilted at St. Andrew’s in Scotland ten years ago. Now he’s a handsome, brilliant mathematician, and newly divorced. Their familiar spark is still there, but so is the scar of how they left things. Kate and Louisa are busy preparing for the show, but old and new flames are complicating their work.

Set during London’s most festive time of year and filled with delicious food, Christmas in London is about love and friendship, and the season’s most important lesson: learning how to ask for and give forgiveness.(less)

Paperback, 288 pages
Expected publication: October 3rd 2017 by St. Martin’s Griffin
1250145791 (ISBN13: 9781250145796)
Christmas in August? It is the end of August and I have just finished reading “Christmas in London” by Anita Hughes.  Kudos to Anita Hughes for bringing the nostalgia and joyous feeling that accompanies Christmas. The author’s descriptions of the food, the Christmas trees, the presents, the partying, the snow gently falling down, creates the wonderful images of a Christmas season. Even better, the setting starts in New York and travels to the descriptive destination and sites of London. Anita Hughes takes us on a tour of the museums, stores, little shops, restaurants, cafes, and even Buckingham Palace.  The genres for this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Romance. What better place for a romantic background than London?
The author describes her characters as complicated, complex and confused. It was the week before Christmas and Louisa Graham is working in a bakery in Manhattan. It is a very busy time of the year, and Louis, a trained chef, is working long hours with her goal to open her own restaurant that specializes in her fabulous desserts and baking.  As she is closing the bakery for the night, a man comes running in and pays extra for her cinnamon rolls, that she has just pulled out of the oven. Noah is a Cooking Show Assistant and has been looking for a bakery that is open to buy a replacement for the rolls that burned on the show. The cinnamon rolls are a huge success on the show. The  star of the show got an allergic reaction , and Noah offers Louisa the opportunity to take the star’s place for a week in London, where they will be filming the show. This is a great opportunity for Louisa to go to London and work with famous chefs.
The producer of the cooking show is  beautiful and capable Kate, who arranges for Noah to transform Louisa into a “star” for the week. Kate’s goal is that the show must go on, and everything has to be perfect. Noah has a goal to be an attorney and works long hours as an assistant for the cooking show  to be able to afford law school. Kate also works long hours and has very little time for a social life. As Kate is arranging details for the filming of the show, she runs into someone special from her past.
The author discusses the importance of working towards the right goals, friendship,  forgiveness, trust, love and hope. This was a delightful and charming story and I would highly recommend this for readers of Women’s Fiction and Romance Genres. I received this Advanced Reading Copy  from The Great Thoughts Ninja Review Team for my honest review.


  1. It is great the amount of detail you give for your reviews without giving away too much. My mom recently published and reviews are the lifeline for writers! I’ve always loved good reviews sites!


      1. It’s very possible at least one store somewhere has started decorating already. Halloween and Thanksgiving are practically forgotten these days in retail in favor of getting those Christmas dollars.


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