My Review of “Left to Chance ” by Amy Sue Nathan

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imageMy Review of “Left To Chance” by Amy Sue Nathan

My Review of “Left to Chance” by  Amy Sue Nathan
“Left to Chance” by Amy Sue Nathan is an emotional and heartwarming  read. The genre for this novel is Women’s Fiction. The story take place mostly in the present, and only refers to the past when it pertains to a character or event.
The author describes the characters as complex, complicated and confused. Photographer Teddi  has returned to Chance Ohio, after leaving without saying goodbye six years ago. Teddi’s best friend Celia had passed away, and Teddi has remained in touch with  Celia’s daughter 12 year old  Shayna. Teddi is a famous wedding photographer and is going to take the pictures of Shayna’s dad and his new wife.
Teddi  has mixed feelings about returning to Chance, and seeing the friends and loved ones she had left behind.  Teddi has the feelings that there are old and new secrets and different expectations from the people that she is seeing. Teddi also has mixed feelings about her past, present and future.
I appreciate that the author discusses issues such as death of a loved one, illness,, grieving, bullying, honesty and communicating.  The author also writes about the importance of family, friends, love, support, acceptance and growth. I would recommend this novel for readers of womens  fiction that like an emotional read. I received an ARC of this book for my honest review.

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