Laura Spinella: Books and Awards, Pictures Say Many Words

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This is Laura Spinella, not only an award winning author, but a lovely , kind , sweet and thoughtful person.





This is Laura’s beautiful home “Birch Knoll”  where most of her writing takes place.



This is the picture of the house during a celebration for Laura’s book “Unstrung” took place.


“Ghosts Gifts” by Laura Spinella is the 2017 Audie Winner, read by Nicole Zanzarella.


This is the RITA AWARD for “Ghost Gifts” by Laura Spinella 2017


“Ghost Gifts” is  #1 KINDLE FIRST Award.





This is a picture of Laura’s Spinella’s kids holding ARCs of “Foretold ” by Laura Spinella. The first copy of the book is on the desk.image

imageShhhhh! This is some research for Laura Spinella’s third book which will be  next.

imageThis is Laura Spinella with her BFF .

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