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My Review of “An Accidental Messiah” by Dan Sofer
WOW!, Dan Sofer,  I appreciate all the details and descriptions and layers of story that you have written in “An Accidental Messiah”  This is certainly a thought-provoking book with symbolism, satire, wit, adventure, politics, and good and evil. I enjoyed this entertaining and intriguing book. The genres of this story are satire, fiction, and mystery.

Some of the facts pertaining to DNA and genetics is based on reality.

There are many familiar friends in “An Accidental Messiah” There are new characters as well. The author describes the characters as complex and complicated. There is a tremendous amount of symbolism. Good and evil is ever present, and the question are there second chances to “refresh” or start anew. The value of life is also questioned. Should someone who was a criminal in their former life be given the chance to start over? There is also the “Russian Mafia” that would like to take the newly alive people and use them. There are religious factions, fanatic factions also at play. Can these people who have come back from the dead have their rights restored? Why is this happening? The reader sees that people are coming back to life after hundreds of years being deceased. What will happen?

“An Accidental Messiah” by Dan Sofer is the sequel to the award winning “An Unexpected Afterlife”. There will be a third book, which I am looking forward to reading. I would say that it is

best to read the first book “An Unexpected Afterlife” to better understand “An Accidental Messiah.


In this book, “An Accidental Messiah, we now see that many former dead people are coming back to life, both Jewish people and Arabs. The Dry Bones Society is used to coming to their aid. They cloth them, and teach many of them the conveniences such as cell phones and television and cars. These people are given housing as well. There is little money, and the people who know have a second chance at life don’t have health benefits, or wages, and many of their family wants them dead. These are not Zombies or the Walking Dead. The only physical difference is that there is the people who have come back to life have no belly button.

It looks like the only way to get their rights is to fight in a political way. There are corrupt politicians that are involved, the mafia, deranged personalities, and others who will support the “Dry Bones Society” in an election for their own benefit.

Meanwhile, one of the Rabbis in this society keeps looking for the Messiah. (Google Dictionary: 1.A leader or savior of a particular group or a cause”

  1. “the promised deliverer of the Jewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bible”)


One of the problems is now there is a division of people who have always lived, and those who have come back to life. There is danger, twists and turns that I did not see coming, mystery, betrayal and much more.

How is this going to work out? Why is this happening?

I highly recommend this intriguing novel for those readers that like satire, wit, and mystery. I received an Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.


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