MY REVIEW OF “CHRISTMASTIME 1942” “A Love Story” by Linda Mahkovec

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“A Love Story” by Linda Mahkovec


There is more of an edgy feel to “Christmastime 1942” by Linda Mahkovec.

In 1942,the Axis forces seem to be winning, and in New York City, more women are in the workforce as men are going to fight. The genres for this novel are Romance,Women’s Fiction, Fiction with a touch of Historical Fiction.

 The author has described the characters as complex and complicated possibly due to the circumstances of the events. There are a few new characters that have been added to the original cast.

 Is it possible for love to be around this Christmas? Despite rations,and shortages of materials, some of the families do their best to provide holiday cheer, cooking and decorating. There is the famous Stage Door Canteen, where there is the possibility of one romance.

 Lillian and Charles are married, and try to keep things positive for the boys. Charles had been in the service, and has been called back. He does get to come home, but may be away for longer periods.

. This is the first time that the boys are aware of young men that have been killed, and soldiers that have been hurt.

  Linda Makovec has a wonderful way of describing the importance of family, friends and neighbors working together, and trying to stay positive. The author also mentions the importance of communication, love, hope and faith.

I would highly recommend this heartwarming and emotional story of readers of Women’s Fiction. I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

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