Linda from Lindas Book Obsession Meets Author Fiona Davis in Person

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Meeting  Author Fiona Davis

Today is Wednesday, December 20,2017 and I had the pleasure of meeting Fiona Davis , Author of “The Dollhouse” and “The Address” at the Syosset Library in Syosset. There was a respectable , big crowd, many who seemed to belong to book clubs.

imageFiona spoke about “The Dollhouse” , and some of the women had just read this in a book club. Some of the women had questions that Fiona graciously answered.

<i>The Address</i> by Fiona DavisFiona Davis mostly spoke about “The Address”, and read an excerpt. Fiona described the architecture, and the two story lines. She was mentioning some people thought The Dakota either really attractive or a Monster. Many interesting things and people were brought up. Fiona did mention she likes twists in books and strong women.

The mention of Fiona Davis’s third book came up, that has to deal with Art, and there was excitement. Of course I was excited. I love the cover and can’t wait to read it.


The Masterpiece should be out this summer, and will take place in Grand Central Station in New York.

imageSome interesting things that I learned today:

  1. Did you know that Fiona Davis was a journalist?
  2. Did you know that Fiona Davis was an Actress?(in the theater) and no longer acts but does like to go to the theater?
  3. Did you know there is going to be a 4th BOOK? SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Possibly dealing with the theater?


Fiona Davis is a wonderful motivational speaker, who cheerfully answers all questions. Fiona is quite professional and has a wonderful sense of humor, and really captivates the audience’s attention. The audience was quite active and participated.  It was such a pleasure and privilege meeting Fiona today.

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