MEET REBECCA ROSENBERG, Author of “THE SECRET LIFE OF MRS. LONDON” An Interview with Lindas Book Obsession

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK LONDON! January 12, 1876
                     OUR INTERVIEW
    Linda: What is your motivation or inspiration for writing “The Secret Life of Mrs. London”?
    Rebecca: I live on a lavender farm in Sonoma Valley, the VALLEY OF THE MOON, where Jack London wrote fifty plus books from Beauty Ranch 1900-1916, “SEA WOLF,” “CALL OF THE WILD” ,”THE PEOPLE OF THE ABYSS.’
     I have been reading his novels for thirty years (oopps! that dates me, doesn’t it)
     The mystical tale of  “THE STAR ROVER” and agrarian dream of  “VALLEY
    OF THE MOON”  are my favorites. The later is really autobiographical of Jack and Charmian’s relationship.
     In fact, so many of London’s heroines were modeled after Charmian, smart,
    talented, educated, with a strong will of her own. I started to become curious about Charmian herself and read the books she wrote: ‘HAWAII AND LOG OF THE SNARK”.
     Her adventurous spirit spoke to me.
     In early 1900’s Charmian London was a free-lover, educated, a concert
    pianist, champion horsewoman, painter, writer and editor/typist for Jack London. She craved Jack London’s genius, but it exhausted her as well.
  • Linda: What would you like the reader to take away after reading your story?
    Rebecca: I want there to be lots of burning questions! What are the costs of love? How much are
    you willing to give of yourself to support your husband? Is infidelity worth losing a friend? What
    value are your own needs over your spouses? Is love about getting what you need and want?
    I am posting the readers guide on my website, to spur reader’s conversations in book club, or with friends.
     Lots of man/woman/marriage/love/friendship issues to discuss! Go to my website, for a readers guide for questions.
    Linda: How were you able to do your research for the many details and historical facts in the story?
    I am lucky enough to live five minutes
    from Beauty Ranch, which is now Jack London Park. Here we are with friends at the Jack London Gala! You can experience it too!.
     There is so much to learn from the Happy Walls Museum, touring the cottage
     where they lived, exploring Wolf House ruins where the mysterious
    fire destroyed before they moved in. You can hike the trails up to the duck and swimming pond, ride horses through the giant , fragrant redwoods, marvel at the
    pig palace and shire horse barns, and old winery.
     It is truly an amazing place. I wrote much of the book in their cottage by the koy
    Charmian London’s diary is at the Huntington Library, which is very helpful! I also searched the Huntington Library photographs and articles.
  • Charmian London’s biography of Jack London set the tone of her character. I also read 3 biographies of Jack London, and articles and research about the women in
     his life. I also had correspondence with Clarice Statz, a foremost Jack London
     historian. On the Houdini side, we went to the Houdini museum in New York City,
     and visited his brownstone. I read 2 biographies, and many Houdini books.
     He was a prolific writer, too! I became an avid fan of Houdini lore
    through WILD ABOUT HOUDINI website and blog, by John Cox. He’s amazing! Of course, where would we be without the internet. If I had an odd question to ask,
    the internet has the answer, often with the best historians researching, or
     newspaper articles. There were so many newspaper articles written about
     Jack London and Houdini.
    Linda: What do you do in your downtime , or are there any hobbies that you enjoy?
    Rebecca: I love lavender! I am drawing up a new plan for our 5 acre lavender fields, because it burned along with our house and barn in the Sonoma fires of October 2017.
    I love my King Charles Cavalier, named Maxcy, for a character in my upcoming novel, “MATCHELESS’
    I play Mahjong and drink champagne with Mahjong Majesties every Friday.
    Of course, I read. I have more than 200 books waiting for me on kindle! I belong to 3 book groups.

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