“Splintered Silence” by Susan Furlong is a captivating and unique suspenseful mystery. The story takes place in Tennessee near the Appalachian Mountains in Bone Gap Tennessee, where  the Irish Travellers, a clan of people who have special traditions and believe that “no one forgets and no one forgives” live. They live their own way and don’t trust outsiders.

The towns people or “settled” people of McCreary tend to discriminate and call the “Travellers” , “Gypsies” and other names, even though the Travellers have lived there for years. There is a dysfunctional animosity from the townspeople towards the Travellers, and often there is discrimination.

The author describes her characters as complicated and complex. There are secrets and betrayals, discrimination, and hatred.  Brynn and her retired Military Canine Partner, Wilco, have returned home after an IED explosion injured both of them. Brynn is suffering from PTSD , and is having tremendous difficulty and anxiety adjusting to the two groups of people. She has been brought up by her grandparents who are Travellers, and had left to escape by joining the Marines.

Wilco had been trained in the Military to discover dead bodies.  There are several dead bodies that Wilco has discovered near home.  The bodies belong to the Travellers, and law enforcement is blaming the Travellers. Also there is mysterious activity in the woods, which could be drug activity. Who is responsible for the deaths? Why is this happening? Can Brynn and Wilco help  discover what is going on?  Is there a way that the “Travellers” and “Towns people” can co-exist peacefully?

I appreciate that the author has brought up such important issues as PTSD and getting help,  Drug and Alcohol problems, discrimination and lack of tolerance, rape and physical and emotional abuse.  Being an animal lover, one of my thoughts is should dogs and other pets be used during war, and how are they treated from the sounds and sights that they have seen?  The author also discusses the importance of family, forgiveness, love and hope.

I would highly recommend this intriguing and intense novel for readers that enjoy mystery and suspense.  Happy Reading !






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