MY REVIEW OF “WHAT LIES BELOW’ by Barbara Taylor Sissel

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Kudos to Barbara Taylor Sissel , Author of “What Lies Below” for writing an intense, riveting, captivating, and intriguing  novel with tremendous suspense. From the Blurb on Goodreads,” Everyone has nightmares. One woman is living hers…….”

The Genres for this Novel are Fiction, Mystery and Suspense. The author describes her characters  as complex and complicated. The timeline of the story is in the present and goes back three years as it pertains to the events and the characters.

Gilly O’Connell has had dreams for years predicting things that would happen. After a major crime and tragedy affect Gillian, she regards her dreams as nightmares. At one point nightmares and reality cause Gillian to become addicted to alcohol and drugs. Gillian manages to  straighten herself out, but runs from her life and takes a job as a waitress in another town. Can one really run from her past?

Gilly starts having dreams and nightmares about a little girl in this town that gets kidnapped. The actual crime takes place and the little girl is kidnapped. Gilly has blackouts from her past, and is afraid no one will believe her. Gilly can relate how this crime affects the family and community.

Also Gilly may be trying to run from her past, but there is danger for Gilly. There are still criminals from her past that could be looking for her. There are betrayals, and twists and turns.

I appreciate that Barbara Taylor Sissel discusses the importance of family, love , hope and forgiveness.  I highly recommend this amazing novel for those that enjoy a suspenseful read. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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