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I love everything about “The Garden House” by Linda Mahkovec. Linda Mahkovec writes  stories about Love, Beauty and Meaning! In this heartwarming and emotional touching story, Linda describes the landscape and gorgeous flowers, the home, the people in all ways that touch the senses.

Miranda is turning fifty, and is experiencing the empty nest syndrome. Both of her children have left home, and Miranda is not quite sure what she wants to do and can do. Miranda once had dreams of doing something artistic, since she has talent. She has thought of working in a nursery school. Her husband tries to encourage Miranda to do what she wants to do since she has freedom

Miranda works miracles with the flowers in her garden and around the Garden House on her property. The Garden House holds many dear memories of her children’s playdates and parties. The way the author describes the grounds, landscaping and  flowers is just so appealing. Miranda’s husband suggests renting The Garden House to a youngish teacher for a few months.

Miranda starts having mysterious dreams when the new tenant moves in. The dreams become more intense. Miranda has a feeling about this person. Something is just so unsettling. What is happening to cause Miranda to feel this way?

I would recommend this Fiction book to any reader that likes a mystery, and enjoys such a well written book.

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