My Review of “You Send Me” by Jeannie Moon

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IMG_2770.JPGMy Review of “You Send Me” by Jeannie Moon  Tule Publishing  May 29, 2018

Jeannie Moon, Author of “You Send Me” has written a delightful, charming, endearing, engaging , captivating and enjoyable novel. The Genres for this story are Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Romance.  The timeline for this story is set in the present and only goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story.  The author sets a vivid portrayal of a  historical  small beach town community.

The author describes her colorful cast of  characters  as conflicted, likable, quirky,  loyal and endearing.  Teacher Jordan Veslor finds out that her fiance is cheating the day before their wedding. Jordan takes care of her sick father and attempts to go back to her routine life.  During a torrential storm in the cove, she is rescued by her Landlady’s son, Dr. Nick Rinaldi. Nick comes to her rescue again, when Jordan develops pneumonia, and a high fever. Usually Jordan is extremely independent.  Nick is recovering from  injuries he suffered  in the Navy during a traumatic incident. Nick has nightmares, and doesn’t want to discuss what happened to him. Do these two  have a chance of getting together?

I appreciate that the author discusses the importance of family, friends, neighbors and the community. I love some of the amusing  scenes when the family  gets  together. I would highly recommend this heartwarming story for readers of Women’s Fiction and Romance. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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