My Review of “The Summer Sail” by Wendy Francis



My Review of ” The Summer Sail” by Wendy Francis    Published by Touchstone  May, 2018

“The Summer Sail” by Wendy Francis is a perfect enjoyable summer read. What more could you ask for in a novel about friends and cruising to the sea and surf in beautiful Bermuda? I love the author’s scenic descriptions of the landscape on the boat, in the water, and on the land. The Genres of this novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction.The timeline of this story is in the present and goes back to the past or mentions the future when it pertains to the events or the characters.

Wendy Francis describes her colorful cast of characters as complex, troubled, secretive, and loyal. This is a wonderful book about friends and sisterhood. Three college roommates meet together with their families and significant others on a cruise to celebrate one of their twentieth Anniversary Wedding Celebrations.

Many things have changed ,yet stayed the same in the twenty years span for the friends. Abby and her husband Sam along with their twin teenage sons are celebrating twenty years of being married by  taking  her friends on a cruise.  Caroline in now a high-profile Magazine writer and is with her boyfriend Javier. Caroline is hoping for a proposal, but is Javier, who has been with her three years on board with that?  Single Mom Lee, is trying to stabilize her relationship with her daughter Lacey, who has changed since her first year of college.

This is a  heartwarming, captivating  and endearing story of friendship, sisterhood, family, love, faith and hope. I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy Woman’s Literature.


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